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On 7 May the country proved all the pollsters wrong and decided to elect the first Conservative majority government for nearly two decades. I am delighted to have been re-elected to serve at third term as MP for Chipping Barnet and thrilled to have to have been appointed to David Cameron’s new cabinet, retaining my role as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. 

 I would like to thank all the members of the Chipping Barnet Conservative Association for their help and support both during the election and throughout my time as MP. The dedicated support I receive from my team of volunteer helpers has been crucial both in fighting successive elections and in pushing forward the local campaigns I am involved with for my constituents all year round. 

Throughout my years as local MP, I have always sought to stand up for everyone in the Chipping Barnet constituency, whoever they are and however they voted. If you are a local resident and need my help, please get in touch. To contact me, find information on my surgeries and campaigns in the constituency, or to join my e-newsletter list, please visit my website at www.theresavilliers.co.uk.  



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