Villiers welcomes relocation and revival of East Barnet Post Office

Theresa Villiers, MP for Chipping Barnet, has today welcomed the announcement of the relocation of East Barnet Post Office, which will have longer opening hours and a step free access. After discussing this matter with Simon Burman, Senior Stakeholder Manager with Post Office Ltd, and local residents, Theresa threw her weight behind the proposed changes.

Following government initiative to modernise the Post Office and make it a stronger partner for Royal Mail, a consultation has been launched which would see East Barnet Post Office relocated to 265 Barnet Road, East Barnet. Theresa Villiers MP said:

“I am pleased by the news that, following several successful pilots, the Post Office is now implementing its programme of modernisation across its branch network with support from the Government. In particular I welcome the announcement that the East Barnet branch will be running services for longer hours and with better access for those who are less mobile.”

“This will ensure local residents are able to access Post Office services at times more suitable to them, and that the branch continues to be a valuable social and economic asset for our community and businesses. I am also delighted that McKinnon’s Newsagents will benefit from the additional business the post office will generate."

"Whilst it's not the case that every single service offered by larger post offices will be available at the new branch, I believe that this proposal will still amount to a much improved facility for the community in East Barnet."

"It is great to see the future of the branch on a secure footing after uncertainty in the past. When Labour tried to close East Barnet Post office, I campaigned strongly to save it, alongside Conservative ward Councillors. So I very much welcome the support the Government is providing to improve the post office branch network, which is benefiting East Barnet directly. Without that Government funding and support, the future of East Barnet post office might have looked bleak.”

The proposals for the new shop will see it open seven days a week 0530 to 2000hrs Monday to Saturday and 0600 to 1600hrs on Sunday. It will operate services from a specialised post on the retail counter. The proposed ‘local model’ enables customers to access retail and post office services in one place. By removing dedicated counters and security screens, it will ensure a brighter, more modern retail experience. It will be staffed by Retail Assistants rather than specialist Post Office Staff, which will increase efficiency and lead to significant savings for sub-postmasters.

The public consultation period ends on 19 February 2013. You can have your say by emailing, writing to Freepost Your Comments or by calling 08457 22 33 44.