Theresa Villiers re-elected as MP for Chipping Barnet

In the early hours of Friday morning, Theresa Villiers was re-elected for the fourth time as MP for the Chipping Barnet constituency at a count taking place at the Allianz Park. Theresa has represented the constituency in Parliament since 2005.

Responding to the result, Theresa Villiers said “I would like to thank everyone who turned out to give me their support in the election in Chipping Barnet last Thursday. It is the greatest honour of my life to have had the opportunity to serve Chipping Barnet as its MP for these past 12 years, and I will continue to work as hard as I can for my constituents.

I had many hundreds of conversations with voters throughout the campaign and since the election, I have spent further time hearing views and reading comments and emails about the result. The electorate has given us a hung Parliament and now we need to make that work. As the party with the most seats and the most votes, the Conservatives are the only party who can realistically form a government. That is what we are getting on with doing. The only alternative is another general election and I don’t think many people really want that right now.

Reflecting on the very close result in Chipping Barnet on what was a difficult night for the Conservatives right across London, I appreciate that Conservative election campaign should have focused much more strongly on delivering positive solutions to problems and concerns faced by Londoners, particularly young people. Delivering opportunity and helping people get on in life and achieve their aspirations has always been at the heart of what I and other Conservatives want to see happen. We want this to be a country where everyone has the chance to go as far as their talents and their hard work can take them, and that will always be a priority for this new government.

I am deeply thankful for the residents of Chipping Barnet for choosing to put their trust in me once again. I will be thinking carefully about the issues raised during the campaign by local people and I will continue to listen.

Throughout my time as MP, my priority has always been the residents of Barnet. That will always be the case and I look forward to getting on with the job of campaigning on the issues that matter here such as fighting to protect the green belt and our local environment, supporting our NHS services, improving public transport, backing local businesses and high streets and helping constituents whenever I can.”