Barnet dementia charity visits Number 10

Dementia Club UK, a Barnet charity supported by Theresa Villiers MP, has enjoyed a one-off visit to Number 10 Downing Street. Members of the club were shown around Number 10 and given a history of the house and gardens, from the famous Grand Staircase to the Cabinet Room.

Dementia Club UK is run by Theresa’s constituent, Brunswick Park councillor Lisa Rutter. The charity is sponsored by Saracens and aims to support those living with dementia and their families. The Club holds regular dementia cafes at different locations across the borough, holding activities for members such as music or gentle exercise, while carers can have relax and have a chat with other carers or seek advice from the GP and nurse who are available at most sessions. 

The tour given to Dementia Club UK is not generally available to the public, and came about after Cllr Rutter wrote to the Prime Minister inviting her to the opening of the Dementia Club’s fifth dementia café in the borough. The Prime Minister was not able to attend, but this led to correspondence that set up the unique visit of the Club to Number 10 Downing Street.

Theresa Villiers said: “I am a very proud supporter of Dementia Club UK and continually inspired by the work that it does. The visit to Number 10 is the latest in a long list of impressive feats organised by Cllr Rutter and I am glad to hear that the members enjoyed their trip.”

Councillor Lisa Rutter Founder and Chairman of Dementia Club UK said: "At Dementia Club UK we aim to help those suffering with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia and also help to support carers, friends and families and those who have lost someone with dementia to provide them a better quality of life. I wanted to give members a memorable occasion by organising a visit to 10 Downing Street. I am therefore grateful to number 10 and Theresa Villiers for making this visit happen and demonstrating that those with dementia should be cared for and treated as valued members of society."